Soar to New Heights with Our Paramotor Foot Launch Endorsement

Foot Launch Endorsement

Our 3-day Foot Launch Paramotor Endorsement course at High Adventure provides experienced paragliders the opportunity to adapt their skills to paramotoring. 

Led by David Wainwright, a world-class paramotoring champion, this course is your gateway to mastering the skies. David brings over a decade of competitive flying and instructing experience, ensuring you learn from the best in the field.

At High Adventure, we pride ourselves on providing best-in-class paramotor training. Our courses are designed to equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to fly confidently and safely. 

Interested in making your paramotoring dreams a reality? Join us and experience the thrill of foot launch paramotoring like never before. Learn more about our foot launch endorsement course below.

Course Details


  • Must have a minimum PG4 Paragliding Licence.
  • Must hold a valid VHF Radio Operator Endorsement.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Our Foot Launch Paramotor Endorsement course is designed to elevate your paramotoring skills, specifically focusing on foot launch techniques. Over three days, you will develop knowledge and practical skills that are crucial for safe and effective paramotoring:

  • Pre-flight Checks and Flight Preparation: Ensuring all equipment is safe and ready for operation.
  • Ground Handling: Master ground handling with the additional weight and power of the motor.
  • Inflation, Taxi, and Launch Sequences: Mastering techniques for efficient and safe foot launch take-offs.
  • Launching and Landing Techniques: Gaining proficiency in managing various wind strengths and conditions and executing precise landings.
  • Flight Path Dynamics: Understanding and mastering the dynamics of your flight path to ensure safe navigation and manoeuvrability in the air.
  • Weather Assessment: Accurately assessing suitable weather conditions for paramotoring is critical for any pilot to ensure safety before and during flights.
  • Safety Protocols: Using the motor and speed systems effectively to enhance safety and control during flights.
  • Airspace Regulations: Learning to navigate the skies in a paramotor in compliance with legal and safety standards.
  • Interaction with Other Aircraft: Developing awareness and protocols for sharing airspace effectively.

Led by David Wainwright, a renowned figure in the paramotoring community, this course not only teaches you the mechanics of flying, but also instils a deep respect for the discipline and safety aspects of the sport.

Course Requirements for Certification

To successfully earn your Foot Launch Paramotor Endorsement, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum Flight Experience: Complete at least 15 powered flights, providing ample opportunity to apply learning in real-world conditions.
  • Total Flying Time: Accumulate at least 8 hours in the air to ensure adequate exposure to various flying conditions.
  • Cross-Country Flight: Conduct a 30-minute cross-country flight to demonstrate your ability to plan and execute longer routes.
  • Skill Demonstration: Show proficiency in all required flying techniques and safety procedures in light and moderate wind conditions.
  • Theory Examination: Pass a theory exam that covers all aspects of foot launch paramotoring, reinforcing your knowledge and understanding of the sport.

Training Schedule and Flexibility

The course is structured over three intensive days. Still, we offer a flexible schedule with a 5-day window to accommodate any adverse weather conditions, ensuring that every participant has the best possible environment for learning:

  • Extended Opportunity for Completion: If weather or other factors delay any part of the training, additional days during other courses are available to ensure all participants can meet the course requirements (no extra cost).
  • Additional Training Availability: If you meet only some of the requirements within the initial timeframe, additional training days can be arranged. This flexibility ensures that all pilots achieve the necessary competency levels without compromise.

Additional Training Costs

Understanding the potential need for additional training, High Adventure provides transparent pricing options for further instruction:

  • Day Rate (Using High Adventure Gear): $490 per day, which includes the use of top-quality equipment maintained to the highest standards.
  • Day Rate (Using Student's Gear): $390 per day, suitable for those who prefer to train with their gear.

Ready To Power Up?

If you're ready to power up your flying, book your spot on High Adventure's Foot Launch Paramotor Endorsement. Limited availability ensures personalised attention.