David Wainwright: A Skyward Maestro Leading Our Paramotor Courses

Leading Our Paramotor Courses

David Wainwright, a SAFA-licensed Chief Flight Instructor with over 15 years of flying experience, leads the way at High Adventure, offering one of Australia's most comprehensive paramotor courses. 

Recognised nationally and internationally for his expertise and cool, calm, and collected demeanour, David has amassed an impressive array of accolades, from winning the Australian Paramotor Championships multiple times to earning medals in the FAI World Paramotoring Championships.

If you're ready to learn from the best and transform your dreams of flight into reality, David Wainwright is the instructor for you. Discover our paramotor courses and begin your journey to the skies.

David's Achievements in the Sky

David Wainwright stands as a prominent figure in the world of paragliding and paramotoring, not just within Australia but globally. His journey through the skies is decorated with distinguished achievements and medals, attesting to his skill, dedication, and passion for flying. 

At the 2018 Australian Paramotor Championship, David soared to a bronze medal, demonstrating his prowess among the nation's elite. This achievement was paralleled on the international stage with a bronze medal at the 2018 FAI World Paramotoring Championships in Thailand, underscoring his global standing.

David's commitment to excellence was evident as he placed fourth at the Asia Oceana Paramotor Championship in Thailand (2017) and secured seventh at the European Paramotoring Championships (2017). His track record of success includes clinching the Australian Paramotor Championships in 2016 and 2015 and back-to-back victories at the Icarus Trophy Paramotoring Race in those same years.

Beyond paramotoring, David has been an integral part of the Australian Paragliding Team, contributing to its success in international competitions, including the 2013 team's performance in Bulgaria. His prowess is not limited to paramotoring; he has also excelled in paragliding, winning the National Sports Class Champion title in 2013 and 2014 and the Bright Open Sports Class in 2014. 

David's exceptional skills were recognised early in his career, evidenced by his victory at the USA Nationals (Rat Race USA) in the Sports Class category in 2012.

David Wainwright's paramotoring and paragliding career is a testament to his world-class abilities as an instructor and competitor, making him a respected figure in the paramotoring and paragliding community.

High Adventure's Expertise and Offerings

High Adventure, under the seasoned leadership of David Wainwright, has established itself as a beacon of paramotoring and paragliding excellence in Australia. This reputation is built on a foundation of in-depth training, expert instruction, and the utilisation of high-quality gear and equipment. 

At High Adventure, the goal is not just to teach students how to fly but to mould them into highly skilled, safe, and confident pilots capable of easily navigating the skies.

Variety of Flying Sites

One of the unique advantages of training with High Adventure is the access to an impressive array of over 15 flying sites. 

This diverse selection includes everything from a privately leased training hill ideal for beginners, to low coastal headlands offering soft, safe beach landings and optimal soaring conditions, to high mountain sites with exceptional soaring and thermalling opportunities. 

Such a wide range of locations means that students can experience flying in variety of conditions, enhancing their skills and confidence in handling different flying scenarios. This extensive and varied learning experience is crucial for becoming a competent pilot, ready to tackle Australia's many impressive flying sites.

Accommodation for Students

To complement the comprehensive training experience, High Adventure provides comfortable and convenient accommodation options for students on-site at their school. 

Whether opting for private or shared units, students can stay close to where the action happens. This accessibility saves time, simplifies logistics, and ensures students can relax and recharge comfortably after a training day. Being near the training facilities and fellow pilots also fosters community and camaraderie among students, enriching the learning journey.


High Adventure stands out as a premier choice for those looking to embark on, or advance, their paramotoring and paragliding adventures.

Choosing High Adventure means learning from David Wainwright, a skyward maestro with an illustrious flying career and a cabinet full of accolades.

Our courses, backed by David's unparalleled expertise, offer access to diverse flying sites and the latest equipment, setting you on a path to mastering the skies.

Dive into paramotoring with High Adventure, where your flight aspirations become reality.