Paramotor Endorsements: Elevate Your Flying Skills to New Heights

Paramotor Endorsements

Exploring the skies with a paramotor offers unparalleled freedom, but how do you elevate your flying skills to these new heights? Paramotor endorsements are the key. 

These specialised courses are designed to refine your flying abilities, whether transitioning from paragliding to paramotoring, becoming a tandem pilot, or mastering cross-country flights. 

Our endorsements, guided by the expertise of paramotor champion, David Wainwright, are your gateway to advanced paramotoring proficiency. Dive deeper into our offerings and discover how you can soar beyond the basics with us at High Adventure.

Wheelbase & Foot Launch Endorsements

Transition to Paramotoring: Designed for SAFA-licensed pilots transitioning to paramotoring.

Duration: 3-day course.


  • Minimum PG4 Paragliding Licence.
  • VHF Radio Operators Endorsement.

Course Outcomes

  • Minimum 15 powered flights.
  • At least 8 hours total flying time.
  • One 30-minute cross-country flight.
  • Mastery of essential flying skills and successful theory exam completion.

Skills Covered

  • Pre-flight checks and flight preparation.
  • Advanced ground handling.
  • Launch and landing techniques for different wind conditions.
  • Navigating airspace regulations and flying with other aircraft.
  • Flight path optimization, fuel management, and weather assessment.

Flexibility for Weather Conditions: The course includes five days to accommodate weather variations.

Additional Training: Available at a per-day cost if necessary to meet course requirements.

Cross-Country Endorsement

Extend your Flying: Discover the essence of extended flight beyond 25nm with our Cross Country Endorsement course.

Duration: 2-day course.


  • A PPG Certificate (Foot Launch or Wheelbase) is required.
  • Must hold a VHF Radio Operator's Endorsement.
  • Necessary equipment includes VHF Radio communications gear and airworthy paramotor equipment.
  • A minimum of 20+ hours of flight time logged over at least 25 days post-completion of the PPG Pilot Certificate.

Requirements to satisfy licence issue

  • Two cross-country flights, each at least 25 km from takeoff.
  • One cross-country flight (min 25km) with outlanding and re-launch.
  • Thorough understanding of airspace regulations, flight planning and VHF broadcast requirements
  • Successful and competent demonstration of all required skills and techniques in light and moderate conditions, as set out in the SAFA training manual
  • Successfully pass theory exam

Additional Training: Available at a per-day cost if necessary to meet course requirements.

Tandem Endorsement (Paramotoring)

Take Passengers In The Sky: Become licenced to conduct tandem flights with our Paramotoring Tandem Endorsement course.

Duration: 3-day course.


  • A valid PPG license is held for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Foot launch pilots require a minimum of 200 flights and 200 hours logged.
  • Wheelbase pilots need a minimum of 80 flights and 150 hours logged.

Requirements to satisfy licence issue

  • Completion of 30 tandem flights.
  • Demonstrate all required skills and techniques in varying conditions, adhering to the SAFA training manual.
  • Successfully pass of the theory exam.

Additional Training: Available at a per-day cost if necessary to meet course requirements.

    VHF Radio Operator Endorsement

    Operate on VHF Frequencies: Enhance your paramotoring communication and safety with the essential VHF Radio Operator Endorsement.

    Duration: Self-paced online.

    Why It's Important: This endorsement empowers pilots to operate on approved aeronautical VHF radio frequencies, which is crucial for flight safety and effective communication.


    • A valid SAFA Pilot Licence is required to start the endorsement process.

    Achieving the Endorsement

    • Complete the VHF Radio Operators Syllabus, available online, to gain comprehensive knowledge of VHF radio operations.
    • Pass the VHF Radio Operators Endorsement exam online, demonstrating your proficiency and understanding of VHF radio communication.


    Paramotor endorsements are crucial for elevating your flying capabilities. High Adventure stands out with its exceptional courses led by a world class instructor. Explore our comprehensive endorsement courses to discover why pilots choose us for advancing their skills.