14 Days to Freedom: The Journey of Our Learn To Paramotor Course

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Are you ready to transform your dreams of powered flight into reality? Embark on a journey with our 14-day learn to paramotor course in Australia, a comprehensive training program that stands as one of Australia's premier offerings in powered paragliding. 

Guided by world champion David Wainwright, this course is designed to transform complete novices into confident SAFA PPG pilots. 

So, whether you're drawn to the freedom of the skies or the thrill of piloting, our paramotor course in Australia is your gateway to unparalleled adventure. 

Course Overview: Your Path to the Skies

This 14-day adventure is structured to ensure a smooth and enriching learning experience, guiding you through every essential phase of paramotoring.

Step 1: Mastering the Basics

The first step of your paramotor course lays the foundation with ground handling, where you'll learn the art of 'kiting' to understand and respond to your glider's behaviour. 

Mastering launch techniques is next, with a focus on both forward launches in low wind and reverse launches in higher wind conditions.

Then it's onto launching and landing practice. This stage is critical for building confidence in your ability to safely transition to flight, assess ground conditions, and choose safe landing options.

Step 2: Powering Up

As you progress, the course delves into equipment review and pre-flight checks, ensuring you're familiar with every piece of your gear and understand how it functions. 

Paramotor simulator training then introduces you to the feeling of flying with the motor's weight, helping you grasp throttle control and prepare for the added dimension of power in your flights.

Step 3: Taking To The Sky

This phase brings you the moment you've been waiting for - adding power to your flights! You'll practice launching, landing and in-flight manoeuvres under the radio-assisted guidance of our expert instructors. 

This phase includes numerous flights, touch-and-go's, and even cross-country flying, offering breath-taking views and invaluable flying experience.

Step 4: Theory and Assessment

To complement your practical skills, this paramotor course in Australia covers essential theory on topics from the SAFA training syllabus, including airspace rules, principles of flight, meteorology, and emergency procedures. 

Theoretical understanding is assessed through multiple-choice exams, ensuring you're not only a skilled pilot but also a knowledgeable one.

Each step of this paramotor course in Australia is designed to elevate your flying skills, understanding, and confidence, preparing you for the freedom of the skies like never before.

Why Choose High Adventure?

When deciding where to undertake your paramotor course in Australia, High Adventure stands out for several compelling reasons:

Comprehensive Training

Our course isn't just about meeting the basics; it's designed to surpass SAFA's minimum requirements and ensure you gain a thorough understanding and proficiency in paramotoring. 

Exclusive Course Inclusions

Choosing our paramotor course in Australia means benefiting from unparalleled perks such as expert guidance from a world class instructor, access to over 15 diverse training sites, generous gear vouchers, and additional endorsements to enhance your flying capabilities. 

It's a comprehensive package designed to launch your paramotoring journey with the best support and resources available.

Course Requirements for SAFA PPG Licence

To secure your SAFA PPG Licence through our program, you'll undertake an intensive training regime including a minimum of 12 flying days, over 45 flights (both powered and unpowered), and more than 20 hours of total flying time, alongside completing cross-country flights that challenge and refine your piloting skills.


After a day in the air, comfort is paramount. Our on-site accommodation offers a cosy, convenient place to rest and recharge. 

Available as private or shared, our units ensure you're well-rested and ready for each day's adventures, making your learning experience as enjoyable as it is educational.


Choosing High Adventure for your paramotor course in Australia means embarking on a journey that's as enriching as it is exhilarating, supported every step of the way by experts dedicated to your success.

Dive to the skies with High Adventure's Learn To Paramotor Course, your comprehensive gateway to mastering the Australian skies. Seize the opportunity, secure your place in our next course, and start your adventure with us today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is paramotoring safe?

Paramotoring is considered very safe under SAFA/CASA regulations and with advanced training from skilled instructors. Risks are minimal when equipment is used correctly and follows SAFA's comprehensive training syllabus for certified instructors and students.

Q: How long can I fly for?

A pilot can typically enjoy 45-60 minutes of flight per 3.5 litres of fuel. With a standard tank, you could get 2.5-4 hours of flying, depending on factors like gear, weight, and weather conditions. Utilising thermals can extend flying time significantly.

Q: Height & weight & fitness requirements?

Paramotoring is accessible to many, requiring moderate fitness levels. There's no upper age limit, though the sport demands some physical activity. The SAFA sets the minimum age for paramotoring at 15 years. Please disclose any pre-existing injuries before training.