In the Clouds: An Exclusive Guide to Paragliding in Bali

advanced paragliding

Bali, often celebrated for its picturesque beaches and rich tapestry of culture, has steadily emerged as a magnet for thrill-seekers worldwide, and paragliding stands out among the myriad of adventures. It offers a unique perspective of the island's breath-taking landscapes from the sky.

High Adventure, led by the seasoned David Wainwright, has been at the forefront of this exhilarating sport for over 15 years. With hundreds of courses and thousands of students taught, High Adventure's passion for flying is unmatched. If you are searching for world-class paragliding and paramotor courses in Australia, High Adventure is your premier partner. 

Now, let's explore the adventure of paragliding in Bali. 

Bali, a paradise for advanced paragliding enthusiasts, offers some of the most stunning locations to take to the skies. From the majestic Uluwatu cliffs to the serene beaches of Nusa Dua, each destination presents a unique adventure for those looking to soar above this tropical island. Let's explore the top paragliding spots that make Bali a premier choice for high-flying adventures.

Nusa Dua 

Nusa Dua's favourable winds and stunning coastline are ideal for beginners and advanced paragliders alike. The area's serene atmosphere makes for peaceful flights, allowing pilots to glide gracefully above the water and enjoy panoramic views of the island in tranquillity.

Uluwatu Cliffs

The iconic Uluwatu Cliffs offer paragliders the chance to fly over one of Bali's most famous landmarks. The spectacular ocean vistas from atop the cliffs are awe-inspiring, with the vast expanse of the sea stretching into the horizon. It's an exhilarating spot for paragliding, promising both thrill and beauty.


Candidasa's mountain flying site and picturesque scenery exude a challenge and charm that attracts advanced paragliding enthusiasts. Advanced paragliding here offers an adrenaline rush and an opportunity to witness Bali's natural beauty from an extraordinary vantage point. 

Nyang Nyang Beach

As a secluded gem, Nyang Nyang Beach offers a quiet escape for paragliding enthusiasts. The untouched beauty of the beach, combined with favourable wind conditions, creates a perfect setting for those looking to enjoy a serene flight away from the crowds.

Timbis Beach

Timbis Beach is a favourite among seasoned pilots because of its favourable flying conditions and panoramic views. The expansive skies and clear views of the Indian Ocean make each flight a memorable adventure. 

Gunung Payung Beach

The unique topography and gentle breezes of Gunung Payung Beach provide an ideal setup for memorable flights. Its tranquil environment allows paragliders to fully immerse themselves in the experience, flying over lush landscapes and azure waters perfectly harmoniously with nature.


Each destination presents unique conditions and views, ensuring every flight is unforgettable. Bali's paragliding spots promise excitement and beauty in equal measure, whether soaring over dramatic cliffs, tranquil beaches, or lush landscapes.

Paraglide in Bali with High Adventure

Embarking on an paragliding journey in Bali offers an unmatched blend of breath-taking scenery and exhilarating freedom in the skies. It's an adventure that combines the island's natural beauty with the thrill of flight. 

High Adventure's General Bali Tour is based in Nusa Dua. This is a great spot to practice top landings, and the magical winds and 12km stretch of the Bukit Peninsula, all the way from Nusa Dua to Uluwatu, make the flying here unforgettable.

High Adventure's Advanced Paragliding Tour in Bali is based in Candidasa and offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the island's majestic landscapes from the sky. Fly from an incredible site on a coastal mountain 100m above sea level. Fly at altitudes of up to 1000m, soar amongst the clouds and take in breath-taking island and ocean views.

Ready to experience Bali like never before? Join High Adventure's paragliding tours and soar above the island's most spectacular landscapes.