Nirvana F-light 160 paramotor with harness
Nirvana F-light 160 paramotor

Nirvana F-light 160

From $20,000

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The Nirvana F-light 160 is a compact and lightweight low hang point paramotor, weighing in at just 20kg and producing an amazing 60kg of thrust. 

Motor Highlights:

  • Lightweight and economical
  • Electric Start with revolutionary lightweight battery/starter
  • Full Carbon Fibre Skeleton with a 10-litre tank
  • Electronically controlled engine with ‘One Start/Stop ignition’ button
  • Travel-friendly designed to fit into airliner baggage requirements
  • Backpack transformation turning from PPG into a comfortable backpack for walking and travelling
  • Low hang point with anti-torque struts
  • Adaptable to High Hang Points
  • Full diagnostic computer with Head Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp and RPM. 

Safety Features:

  • Durable plastic petrol tank works as an “airbag “ and catches most of the impact.
  • Carbon back shell protects the pilot spine during aborted launches or during hard landings.
  • Start/Stop button on throttle enables to start the engine and/or switch off the engine when any problems occur during launch, flight or landing.
  • Carbon AIRBOX completely removes the risk of freezing of the carburettor during winter months.
  • The master switch protects you and your surroundings to prevent accidental starting of the engine.
  • TWIST AIR struts fully eliminate torque at all engine speeds.
  • A simple fuel mirror will always instantly and accurately inform you about fuel capacity.
  • Powerful output of extra light engine improves take-offs and greatly helps in any critical situations.
  • Electric starter and battery for your comfort.

Technical Data:

Engine Type FIT 160
Starter electric
Maximum Power (@ 6500 rpm) 23 HP
Static Thrust 6o kg
Consumption 3 – 4 l
Ignition Nirvana FIT
Reduction Poly V Belt
Reduction Ratio 1:2.8
Tank 10 l
Min/Max Pilot Weight 50 – 100kg
Engine Weight 11.25 kg
Paramotor Weight 21.5 kg
Frame 6 – part light weighted ALU profile
Propeller carbon 2-blade 115/130;
carbon with 3-blade 115/130;
with central bolt

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