NIVIUK Kase Front Mount Reserve Container

NIVIUK Kase Front Mount Reserve Container



NIVIUK Kase Front Mount Reserve Container

The rectangular shape makes this the perfect front-mounted parachute container and prevents contact with other elements. The Y-Bridle and outer bag connect to a single colour-coded attachment point. This design prevents possible human errors which can occur in systems that separate the direct connection to the pilot from the structural connection of the container. 

Its reduced weight makes it ideal for any harness.

Its easy-to-reach handle can be connected to any Kase compatible parachute and is always ready for quick use – when it is most needed.
Fitting using the Inner Bag

The Niviuk front reserve container is delivered with a deployment bag that aims to facilitate the folding and placement of the parachute in the new rectangular shape. If necessary, this deployment bag replaces the original parachute deployment bag and allows it to be folded and compacted * in a rectangular shape that facilitates its placement in the Kase.

Includes Y Bridle (Solo M-L) (130cm)


Small : 238g – Compatible with Octagon 26″

Medium: 244g – Compatible with Octagon 32″

*Niviuk recommend that any packing or fitting of the parachute be performed by an approved professional who has the knowledge to guarantee its correct and optimal operation.

**The weight shown for both sizes includes the Niviuk Dyneema Y-bridle http://www.niviuk.com/en/rescue-accessories/kase-rescue-ventral-pod