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Learn To Paraglide

Our Learn to Paraglide Course will take you from complete novice to a fully licenced SAFA PG2 level pilot in just 9 days.

Led by one of Australia’s most highly regarded instructors, our course is one of the most intensive and comprehensive courses currently offered.

Learn to paraglide course

Learn To Paraglide Course - 9 Days

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Course Overview

paragliding ground handling practice

The Basics

SIMULATOR: This is where you'll get a first feel of what it's like being in the harness.

GROUND HANDLING: Learn fundamental 'kiting' skills and how to respond to your glider.

TANDEM FLIGHTS: Used to give you supervised, hands-on experience of flight control.

LAUNCH & LANDING PRACTICE: Learn forward and reverse launch techniques plus assessment of site ground conditions and safe landing options.


The Practice

LOW COASTAL FLIGHTS: Your first solo flights will be from one of our low coastal headlands. These headlands offer easy beach landing. Coastal sites are great for gaining ridge soaring experience and confidence.

HIGH FLIGHTS: Nothing beats your first solo high flight. Taken from either North Brother or Middle Brother Mountain, the thrill will stay with you forever!

WINCH TOWING: Used on the beach to get you flying in nil wind.

paragliding course coastal flight
learn to paraglide course

The Theory

When the conditions aren't right for flying, we use this 'down time' for theory classes.

The SAFA Training Syllabus is thorough, and so are our theory classes. Topics include: airspace rules and regulations, drag and thrust, torque effects, principals of flight, meteorology, emergency procedures and navigation.

Assessment of theory is via multiple choice exams.

Course Inclusions

  • Expert instruction
  • Small student to instructor ratio
  • Access to over 15 training sites
  • Transport to all site locations

  • All flying equipment – wing, harness, helmet, radio etc
  • $400 gear voucher

  • FREE Refresher Day (within 1 year of course completion)
  • FREE ongoing support as you progress through the SAFA qualifications

What You'll Learn...

Pre-flight checks * Flight preparation * Airspace regulations * Flying with other aircraft * Inflation/Taxi/Launch sequence * Launch and landing techniques * Launch and landing in various wind strength and conditions * Landing accuracy * Cross wind and downwind landings * Flight Path * Flight Skills * Turns * Weather assessment * ... and more!

Requirements for SAFA PG2 Licence

  • Minimum of 6 flying days
  • Minimum of 30 flights (launch & landing) from at least 3 different flying sites
  • 3 soaring flights of at least 15 minutes duration OR 10 flights of at least 5 minutes duration
  • 1 high flight of above 500ft
  • Successful and competent demonstration of all required skills and techniques in light and moderate conditions, as set out in the SAFA training manual
  • Successfully pass theory exam

on-site accommodation

Stay With Us

When you’ve finished up a great day of flying, comfort and ease is key. We offer self-contained private or shared units on-site for our students.

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