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Paragliding demands not just skill and courage but also the right equipment. A useful piece of gear every pilot must carefully select is the paragliding bag. 

This accessory ensures the safety and longevity of your paraglider by protecting it from damage during transport and storage. Renowned for their commitment to quality and innovation, Niviuk is a leading manufacturer of paragliding gear, and High Adventure's top choice for paragliding bags. 

Let’s explore a variety of Niviuk's Paragliding Bags to suit every pilot's needs.

The Niviuk Nkare Bag: Simple Wing Protection

Product Overview

The Niviuk Nkare Bag, priced at $120, is designed to keep your paragliding wing secure and intact. Available in sizes ranging from extra small to medium, this bag fits a variety of wing sizes.

Key Features
  • Simple Packing: Enables quick and effective packing, maintaining the integrity of the wing.
  • Reinforced Design: Provides robust protection for the paragliding wing against wear and tear.
  • Secure Compartments and Straps: Specialised compartments and adjustable straps ensure everything stays in place.


  • Durable on Various Surfaces: The bag's materials are tough enough to handle different environmental conditions.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Features a special ID pocket and external straps, increasing its utility and safety.

User Experience

The Niviuk Nkare Bag makes life easier for paragliders by offering features that simplify the packing process and enhance protection during transport. 

The Niviuk ZipNkare Bag: Compact and Protective

Product Overview

The Niviuk ZipNkare Bag, priced at $140, offers a simple and compact packing solution for paragliders, available in various sizes to accommodate different wings.

Key Features

  • Easy Packing: Ensures the wing maintains its integrity with a straightforward packing system.
  • Concertina Style Packing: Protects the fabric and internal structure optimally.
  • Adjustable Straps and Internal Pockets: Enhance the bag’s functionality for secure and organised packing.


  • Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials to safeguard your paraglider.
  • Ergonomic Design: Lightweight and equipped with a convenient handle, making it easy to transport like a briefcase.

User Experience

The ZipNkare Bag simplifies the packing and transportation process, allowing paragliders more time in the air and less hassle on the ground.

The Niviuk Koli Bag: Simple Pack & Go

Product Overview

Priced at $160, the Niviuk Koli Bag is an ultra-fast packing bag that converts into a backpack for easy transport. An excellent partner for both paramotor and paraglider pilots.

Key Features

  • Fast Packing and Easy Unpacking: Simply place your wing inside the bag and secure it with compression straps, then easily lift out when unpacking.
  • Handy Backpack: Transforms into a backpack for mobility.



  • Large Capacity: Glider, harnesses and helmets fit into the spacious interior.

  • Easy To Carry: Adjustable handles make it convenient to carry, without the risk of damage.


User Experience

The Niviuk Koli Bag is an ideal choice for pilots who value efficiency and protection, making packing and unpacking of gear simple and easy.

The Niviuk Koli Pro Bag: Ultrafast Packing, Robust Protection

Product Overview:

The Niviuk Koli Pro Bag, priced at $250, offers an ultra-fast packing solution for pilots needing quick packing and easy transport for wings, harnesses and helmets.

Key Features

  • Quick and Safe Packing: Features a large zip and drawstring to secure gear quickly.
  • Ergonomic: Adjustable straps and multiple handles allow for easy carrying by one or several people.
  • Extra Storage Compartments: Ample space for helmets, harnesses, and other essential gear.


  • High Capacity and Protection: The robust fabric protects contents while offering significant storage capacity.
  • Versatile Storage Options: Includes mesh pockets and zip pockets for organised storage.

User Experience

The design and features of the Koli Pro Bag provides convenience and efficiency for professional and frequent flyers, ensuring gear is packed simply, quickly, and securely.


Selecting the right paragliding bag is important for meeting your flying needs, ensuring the longevity and safety of your gear. 

Niviuk bags offer a superior blend of quality, protection, and convenience, making them a great choice for paragliding and paramotoring enthusiasts.

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