Parajet Maverick Sport paramotor
Parajet Maverick Sport paramotor with harness
Parajet Maverick Sport paramotor in the air
Parajet Maverick Sport paramotor harness
Parajet Maverick Sport paramotor vittorazi moster 185 engine

Parajet Maverick Sport

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Add a distinctive edge to your Maverick with the much favoured Sport model. The Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus, an advanced, sporty and well balanced engine, offers superior performance. Primed with a carbon fibre cooling shroud, 1.25m e-Prop and a range of accessories, these enhancements will improve the performance and life of your Maverick whether it’s being transported, stored or flown. 

The Parajet Maverick Sport is a great choice for new pilots wanting a seriously proficient and progressive paramotor to help mitigate the learning curve. This paramotor is also perfect for competitions and for free and adventurous flying.

From the moment of take-off your Maverick is ready to make things easier for you. The snap-fit netting system combines with the airframe to create a synergy of simplicity and safety. Its continuous ultra-smooth surface with no visible joins, extends out from behind the curvature of the feet to eliminate all snag areas and ensures your glider comes up effortlessly and with a consistent rise. Approach each take off with increased safety and a higher level of confidence that you can launch first time, every time.

The Airframe: Compact, light and durable, the Maverick titanium airframe is a perfect balance of lateral stiffness and vertical compliance with unparalleled strength-to-weight. A natural coating of Titanium Dioxide ensures that no matter how punishing the conditions, it will never succumb to rust, decay or corrosion.

The Harness: Striking the perfect balance between safety and sublime comfort, the Parajet Maverick’s harness hugs you for a more immersive experience and synergistic relationship with your glider. Its perfect geometry removes the perplexities of getting into the harness after take-off – just raise your knees to slide effortlessly and completely into the seat every time. 

The Set-Up: The Maverick simplifies your setup. The plug-and-play cage and snap-fit netting system eliminates the need for tools and gets rid of unnecessary faff, so your impulse to fly will feel less like a chore. Setup in minutes - it's that simple!

The Start-Up: Maverick’s ergonomically positioned pull-start mount places the handle in easy reach helping to take the anxiety out of starting your engine and is the perfect remedy for pilots with limited shoulder mobility. The elevated position allows for better shoulder extension and greater range of motion while recruiting your lat muscles to create a stronger, more stable arm movement that minimises fatigue and risk of injury. No more fumbling for the start handle, just quick convenient solid dependability.

The Engine: The Maverick is brought to life through its Vittorazi engines, delivering performance and efficiency. Sporty but well balanced, the Moster 185 Plus is able to offer superior performance. 25hp delivers enough thrust for most pilots and has reserves for those with an appetite for adventure or competition. Available as manual pull or dual electric start (DS).

The Throttle: Option for Polini throttle or Vittorazi V Throttle.

The Fuel Tank: Option for standard or extended range fuel tank. The standard fuel tank has a 10 litre capacity. The extended range fuel tank has a 17 litre capacity yet with only 600 grams of additional weight you’re getting nearly double the range. You’ll get the same angular design aesthetic, optimising airflow to the prop. The same level of quality and safety. You’ll just get it for longer.

The Finish: The standard finish on the Maverick is Parajet Blue. Custom colours are available for an additional cost. 

In The Box: 

  • 1 x Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus MY'22
  • 1 x Maverick titanium airframe
  • 2 x Titanium Spars – lefthand / righthand
  • 2 x Titanium Spars – top left / top right
  • 1 x Snap-fit Netting System
  • 1 x Parajet harness inc karabiners
  • 1 x Parajet toolkit
  • 1 x Parajet t-shirt
  • 1 x Pilots user manual
  • 1 x 1.25m E-Prop 2-blade carbon propeller
  • 1 x Carbon cooling shroud
  • 1 x Maverick travel case
  • 1 x Maverick netting bag
  • 1 x Parajet prop covers

    Technical Specifications


    • Construction : Titanium Alloy
    • Height : 1385 mm / 54.5 in
    • Diameter : 1383 mm / 54.4 in
    • Depth : 264 mm / 14.3 in
    • Weight : 10 kg / 22 lbs Standard
    • Tank : 10 ltrs / 2.6 USGal
    • Extended Range Tank : 17 ltrs/ 4.5 USGal

    Engine (Moster 185 Plus):

    • Type :  184.7 cc 2-stroke
    • Weight : 14.2 kg  /  31.3 lbs
    • Power : 25 hp at 7800 rpm
    • Thrust : 72 kg at 8500 rpm
    • Fuel Consumption : 3.8 – 4.2 ltrs/hr
    • Temperatures : EGT 550 deg –  CHT 250 deg
    • Starter : Pull Starter
    • Propeller :  1.25m E-Prop 2-blade Carbon
    • Rotation : Counter-clockwise
    • Fuel :  Unleaded Gasoline
    • Oil : Motul 800 Factory Line 2T Off Road
    • Mix : 2% Oil or 50:1  /  1.5% Oil or 66:1


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