NIVIUK Skate Speed Wing Paraglider

NIVIUK Skate Speed Wing Paraglider


The Skate 2 is the result of evolution, enhanced by the numerous studies of prototypes. With a new design and enhanced safety it is perfect for professionals and schools alike.


NIVIUK Skate 2 Paraglider

 The Skate 2 is more suited to the demands of the speed-gliding pilots and the schools than the very successful predecessor.

The Skate 2 has a new profile, more gliding but less lift which allows it to glide parallel with the ground. With three risers and a trim system which allows easy and effective adjustments to the angle of attack the Skate 2 can be securely set to follow the inclination of the slope, so preventing any unwanted take off. This trim system allows also a bigger speed range.

The reactions of the Skate 2 at high speed or with great weight are progressive, predictable and noble. The profile does not allow to accumulate an excess of energy. In this way the glider remains controllable and precise.

  • The Skate 2 is easy to use.
  • Extremely easy to inflate.
  • The action on the brakes is soft and progressive.
  • Available in 4 sizes: from 8 up to 14 m. 

The Roamer is the reversible harness proposed with the Skate 2. Fixings for skis and pockets for the quick folding bag (supplied) under the seat (for right or left handed pilots).

The fabric, lines, risers and wing size can all be changed to customise and adapt the model to suit your needs and preferences.

Product Specifications and Technical details on this glider can be found on this link


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