NEW Niviuk Roamer P Bikini Harness

The Roamer P fits in your iPad case. Its ultralight design and size will delight lovers of lightweight equipment and Hike & Fly. 

From anywhere, at any moment. The Roamer P will always be ready to take off thanks to its efficient and straightforward attachment system.
Lighter than ever, comfortable as always. With an ergonomic and adaptable design, the Roamer P brings comfort at the highest level within its category.
With the Roamer P there are no limits to your adventures. The ultralight Niviuk harness is ready to accompany you at all times thanks to its compact nature. In addition, its ergonomic design achieves the perfect balance between comfort and safety. Without a doubt, this is a revolution for lovers of lightweight equipment.

Main features:

  • Ultralight. The use of Dyneema as a base material makes the Roamer P one of the lightest harnesses on the market.
  • Easy to carry. The minimalist design allows you to store and transport the Roamer P in a tiny bag.
  • Comfortable. Its ergonomic design with separate legs loops adapts perfectly to the body, providing excellent load distribution and avoiding any pressure points.
  • Easy to use. Colour-coded attachment system for faster, more intuitive and safer adjustment and connection to the wing.
  • Compatible with IKS3000 This light connection system between the harness and Niviuk risers allows you to replace traditional carabiners and maillons; reducing the weight of the connected equipment by more than 80% – with the same safety guarantees.
  • Safety. Reinforced Dyneema webbing at attachment points and the possibility of integrating a parachute by connecting the Front Rescue Container.
  • Versatility. The Roamer P can be used independently or combined and connected to the Kargo P 25 rucksack.
  • Sizes: M / L
  • Weight: 173g / 197g
  • Pilot height: 150-175 cm / 175-200 cm
  • Max.Load:120kg
  • Certification: EN/LTF
  • Colour: Black
  • OPTIONAL: Connection System: IKS3000 (11g) / Maillon 5mm (23g) / Auto Zincral Carabiner 30mm (65g)
  • The Roamer P was principally designed for the Skin 2 and Skin 2 P wings.

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Great article from Fly Bubble in the UK who met up with Niviuk at the Coupe Icare 

Niviuk Roamer 2 Harness


Finding a suitable harness can be like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. This means that you need to start with the question – personally, what do I actually want? My new harness needs to be:

  • Lightweight especially for hike & fly tours.
  • Easy to carry as a rucksack.
  • Already have full back protection when ready for take off.
  • Comfortable in flight.

Translated from a German article by Gemeinsam-Fliegen (Read it here)

When testing different harnesses, they fulfilled some of the criteria, but I didn’t find one that matched all of them. The Roamer 2 did tick all the boxes.

When I tested it, I carried the rucksack up Monte Valinis, an ascent of approximately 700m and I barely noticed it on my back. This makes the walk itself fun and it isn’t just a means to an end – a good prerequisite for Hike&Fly tours. The rucksack has been well thought through with many details – from the easily reachable mobile phone pocket on the waist strap to the bungee cord for a jacket; the drink bottle holder to the helmet attachment mesh. The material, including the zips, seems robust.

With my complete equipment, my pack weighed in at 6.5 kg. The reversible harness weighs just 1.4 kg.

When I put on the harness initially it felt a bit flimsy, which wasn’t very reassuring. However, I do know that the additional back protector with nitinol rods, which ensure that the airbag is pre-inflated before launch, will protect me.

In my enthusiasm for testing the harness, I forgot my little vario and start my take off run – my goodness, it’s so easy! No having to wriggle into the harness, despite the winter clothes – just launch and fly.

So that was the first “Aha!” moment. From the second I launched, I knew the wing and harness were a match. The wing and harness allowed me to fly easily and playfully and I climbed even without the vario beeps. The harness responds to the wing immediately and instantly converts weight-shift. What fun having this much agility, it’s effortless. Ooops, the wind strengthens as I climb, but I can reach the two-step speed-bar without any problems. So that also fits.

Top landings are also easier than usual: just stand up and land – fantastic. I did have some qualms about manoeuvres as the spiral dive. But no, I (1.70 m, 60 kg) fit into the harness so perfectly, that everything acts through my body’s centre of gravity. It means I can use my legs, backside and arms without bending the back protector.

Roll and pitch are even more agile on the Roamer 2 than with other harnesses, but without ever feeling unstable.

Next time I will attach my parachute container, which also fits into the rucksack. This will make it one kilo heavier, but makes it a fully functioning harness. I am now really looking forward to my Hike&Fly tours in the coming season!



The Swift is APCO’s top of the line cross country harness! A true masterpiece – combination of mechanics and aerodynamics. It is by far the most sophisticated harness we have ever made and the results are evident.

Body Geometry – before everything, we have made sure that geometry of this harness is perfect. We worked hard to achieve balance between comfort and activeness. The Swift will transmit exactly what the wing is doing, but in a way which is reassuring and not surprising.
Comfort was the main objective and it was achieved by extensive, padded support throughout the harness. A fully breathable padded back with wide shoulder straps for load distribution help relieve any pressure points which can occur after hours in the harness. The rigid seatplate is covered by dense foam and complemented by load bearing semi-rigid elements integrated into the back of the harness (APCO exclusive) making sure body stays in the optimal ergonomic position regardless of how each webbing adjustment is set up.

Speed – Special attention was aimed at improving the speed system. A double set of ball bearing pulleys promote a smooth and effortless operation of the speed system.
Regardless of your wing, you will be amazed how easy it is to push the speed bar with this harness. A special feature incorporated into this harness is an adjustable position speed system pulley.
This system allows to move the pulleys position according the pilot’s center of gravity, preventing the harness from pitching up or down when applying speed system. This feature is unique to APCO and is an example of our attention to the technical details of performance in flight.