Check out what we have been doing in 2016!

A huge thanks to our friend Derek Barker who produced this for us. Sharing his mutual love of flying his paraglider and drone! We love the footage. You’ve shown what happens her at High Adventure perfectly!

In August of 2016 25 Pilots from our Advanced Paragliding tour climbed Bali’s highest active volcano – Mt Agung. We owe Nikole Neal a huge thanks for getting everyones footage and creating this awesome video…where would we be without our resident editor Mrs Nik Neal. We love you. Thanks!

Edited again by Nikole Neal, this was our 2016 Bali Tour and Learn to Paraglide Bali Promo Video.

Learning Paragliding shouldn’t be anything short of perfecting skills under expert guidance and tuition. Editing by Nikole Neal.

ICARUS TROPHY: In 2015 our School CFI and owner David Wainwright won the first long distance Adventure Paramotor race in the US. Proving that teaching paramotoring is more than just opening up shop, its having skill and a hell of a lot of love for the sport.