Paragliding Tow Endorsement Course

Paragliding Tow Endorsement Course


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Towing is a safe and quick way another way to get airborne with a paraglider and is commonly used in areas where a hill launch isn’t available or for students learning to paraglide. High Adventure runs paragliding tow endorsements in Laurieton at our private training field and at the Gloucester Aero Club.

A Tow Endorsement is typically a standard requirement for any SIV training where towing is used to gain altitude.

During the tow course we will supply all towing equipment including tow bridles, weak links, tow rings and of course the winch. We have a stationary “Pay-in winch” giving the smoothest tow possible.

The HGFA Tow Endorsement Course will teach you the skills to safely tow on any suitable Paragliding tow winch. The course is conducted in small groups usually over weekend blocks.  You will easily achieve the set requirement of the HGFA for the Towing Endorsement over the two days.

You are required to complete the HGFA Towing exam prior to commencing the tow training. Ideally theory and the exam will be conducted the Friday evening or first thing Saturday is the course is being held over a weekend block.

We ask that anyone attending the Endorsement course read through the HGFA Towing Procedures Manual prior to arrival for the endorsement.  You can find this manual under the “References/Links” heading on the HGFA Website.

If you are going to pre-purchase a tow bridle, we recommend one that has a hand release that splits apart on release to prevent getting tangled on landing. **


  • The practical skills required for the HGFA Endorsement is the completion of ten tows
  • Understanding of tow tension
  • Understanding of weak link set up
  • Theory and successful completion of the exam
  • Your own wing and harness (your gear should be in good shape!)
  • UHF radio with speaker-mic or headset
  • Certified helmet
  • Tow bridle supplied by High Adventure
  • Gear hire available
  • Onsite accommodation available at $35 per night
  • We recommend carrying a hook knife when towing (its not a requirement)