NIVIUK Takoo 4 Tandem Paraglider

NIVIUK Takoo 4 Tandem Paraglider


Performance, accessibility and comfort are combined in a wing that adapts perfectly to the needs of each pilot. With the Takoo 4 a new tandem way of life is born.

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NIVIUK Takoo 4 Tandem Paraglider

Thanks to a modern architecture based on light, flexible and resistant materials, the Takoo 4 boasts absolute safety and high durability. The one thing better than a good flight it is having someone to share it with.

From the first moment of taking off, the wing’s incredible inflation and immediate load-bearing will delight the most demanding pilots. The Takoo 4 offers complete control in roll, as well as optimal circulation and air flow thanks to the application of STE (Structured Trailing Edge) technology. As a result, when we reduce the speed of the wing its entire surface slowly starts to bend, not only its trailing edge.

Once in the air, its incredible performance in thermals facilitates a quick and easy ascent. The ELS (EarLock System) is a simple and easy-to-use pull-and-lock system that allows the pilot to carry out any rapid descent technique effectively.

Reaching higher speeds and avoiding deformations in the leading edge is already a reality. The wing is more rigid and stable along the span of the leading edge but also allows full flexibility along both the vertical and horizontal axis which assists with the durability of this part of the canopy. Also, the upgraded trimmer system and brakes are much more useful than ever, allowing you to be more confident in stronger winds.

With a new and more evolved profile than ever, well defined and clean, with a maximised internal pressure, the Takoo 4 is given an enormous capacity to absorb turbulence. Its new design maintains its aerodynamic qualities throughout the speed range and can be controlled at low speeds. In short, a glider with total stability, which allows absolute control.

Durability was one of our priorities in its development and is one of the most significant advantages of the Takoo 4. It is a paraglider built using a clever combination of 38 g and 32 g fabrics and based on the idea of using light materials, such as the combination of nickel and titanium (Nitinol) that reinforces the leading edge and gives the wing more lightness and flexibility. By design, it does not have a competition line set, which is much more vulnerable to premature wear, but durable lines which are also easier to sort. It also has an active 3D contour, thanks to an extra seam in the longitudinal axis of the glider, which gives more consistency and volume to the profile.

In short, the Takoo 4 is not only the best tandem created to date; it is the first of a new generation where high performance for the professional and the comfort for the recreational pilot are combined to offer incredible adventures.

Takoo 4 – the ultimate experience in tandem flying.

* The Light version (P) of this model is available upon request (Not certified)

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