NIVIUK Skin 2 Paraglider

NIVIUK Skin 2 Paraglider


You will be surprised by the manoeuvrability of the Skin 2, from the first to the last moment, whatever your destination and adventure.

Product Description

NIVIUK Skin 2 Paraglider

The Skin 2 is the second generation of our legendary single-surface wing. Designed to bridge the gap between speedflying mini-wings and conventional paragliders.

With the same performance and lightness as its predecessor, this new model offers more stability and durability, thanks to its reinforced architecture and the incorporation of semi-light materials.

The improved accessibility and the high level of comfort during each phase of the flight mark the difference between the Skin 2 and its predecessor. Because the wing is single-surface, only a short take-off run is needed, making it possible to take off from peaks or narrow spaces.

In flight, the wing displays its consistency and stability thanks to several factors. With a hybrid design, six small closed cells offer a more compact and consistent structure that reduces the vibration of the previous model; also the optimised distribution of the lines has improved the load distribution and therefore minimising inertia. 

The most improved aspect has been the incorporation of the trimmer system, which now allows perfect speed retention for a smoother roundout. 

The durability of the wing has also been a key aspect during the design of the new Skin 2. For this reason, the Skin 2 incorporates 32g/m² Porcher fabric, with 38g/m² for the leading edge, which together with the light and undeformable Nitinol rods, give the sail excellent durability with little weight. For better line protection, sheathed Aramid lines are used for the main lines and the upper gallery lines are unsheathed to ensure greater lightness. 

Product Specifications and Technical details on this glider can be found on this link.