APCO Mayday Superlight Paragliding Reserve

APCO Mayday Superlight Paragliding Reserve


The time proven classic DHV certified Mayday line from APCO has undergone an intensive diet.
In line with the market demand for lightweight equipment, APCO added lightweight versions to our emergency parachute range to be offered Side by side with our classic Mayday range.





APCO Mayday Superlight Paragliding Reserve

The Mayday 16, 18 and 20 SUPER-LIGHT version, to really pare down on your weight for hiking, or to have an extra reserve for more protection during Acro. The Mayday 16 SUPER-LIGHT weighs just 1220 grams. The Mayday 18 SLT weighs only 1597 grams and the Mayday 20 SLT weighs just 2083 grams. The SLT and LT chute design is exactly the same as the classic, DHV certified Mayday design, with pull down, flat circular canopy, same area, same performance, same design.

Weight reduction for SUPER-LIGHT was achieved by using state of the art, latest materials – canopy cloth is from PN9 (the latest, most sophisticated development in parachute cloth)

Lines and tapes are made from high-tenacity Nylon 6.6 with Teflon interlocked to prevent friction and direct line connection to the harness, allowing for maximum reduction in weight.

Full product details can be found here.


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