APCO Karisma Paraglider

APCO Karisma Paraglider


The KARISMA overall behavior has pronounced advantages, such as, short take-offs even in nil wind inflations, with high fuel efficiency and exceptional stability.


APCO Karisma Paraglider


As it’s name suggests, the KARISMA is a wing with a personality of its own.

It is the type of wing which takes all the advantages of paragliding and emphasizes those advantages to complete the best flying experience for beginner to intermediate pilots.

Our new specially developed APP profile (Sharknose) is instrumental in contributing to the safety of the wing by increasing and retaining internal pressure of the canopy across the entire speed range. KARISMA is well balanced, combining excellent handling with outstanding performance and pilot friendly behavior.

Three line construction that converges into a clean and simple to understand 3 leg riser makes inflation and ground handling a breeze.

TAKE OFF – effortless and intuitive. The 3 leg riser dramatically simplifies things for the beginner. Front launch or reverse is always easy with the APP profile. The wing will rise slowly and controllably overhead allowing time to glance up and safely take-off.

LANDING is a breeze as the KARISMA is incredibly stall resistant and flaring will slow you down almost to a standstill!

THERMALLING – the glider will bank into a coordinated turn and pull itself into the core almost automatically.

PERFORMANCE – Through its entire acceleration range, KARISMA will efficiently cut through the air with minimal sink rate. Adding both performance and another level of safety for EN A wings.

CONSTRUCTION – Extremely durable cloth combined with proven construction designed to withstand the students abuse for as long as necessary.

Karisma is available in paramotor version too. The wing was designed bearing paramotor pilots in mind and thoroughly tested under power.

Product Specifications and Technical details on this glider can be found on this link