One on One – 2 day Paragliding Lesson

One on One – 2 day Paragliding Lesson

Looking for an outdoor adventure in 2015 – try paragliding in our NEW 2 day taster course. Great for a gift or to try your hand a something new. Perfect for a Bucks Weekend!

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One on One – 2 day Paragliding Lesson

2 Day Lesson – 8 hours each day – One on One Tuition

JUNE SPECIAL $250 – Usually $500

Separate to our FREE 2 day into course that is taught in a group situation, we also offer a more drilled down one on one experience for anyone wishing to really get a sense of what Paragliding is all about.

This lesson gives you a full day to discover paragliding. A usual day will see you fly solo from our training hill. Your day lesson begins with an equipment introduction and demonstration. Then we let you begin Ground Handling with the aid of your instructor. We practice controlling the wing on the ground, learning the launch sequence, discussing the landing, and steering skills before introducing the element of flight. A students confidence is usually growing at this point, and can surprise themselves with how quickly they are progressing.

Once our Simulated launches look good we are ready to put a radio on you and let you enjoy your first flight. All flights are solo, radio-supervised and entirely self paced. Before launching instructor and student recap the flight plan and landing procedure, and then you take your first flight. After your landing the van will be down to pick you up for another try. Your instructor supervises you on the radio during your flights to the landing zone. As you progress we will introduce new concepts to help you improve on your technique.

After a few days of flying you may decide you wish to continue with the HGFA Novice Paragliding Training. We apply your one day fees toward the training should you wish to sign up.