NEW Mayday Bridle + Material

New APCO Mayday Material and Redesigned deployment bag

Word from APCO on the changes: 

Our long-standing, proven range of Mayday parachutes is now being updated with new bridle material and redesigned deployment bag.

The new bridle webbing will be used throughout the connection between the parachute and the pilot. The webbing is constructed from Dyneema fibres, only 12mm. wide, rated for over 1,700 [DaN]. Stronger than before, it allows for smaller weight and packing volume, and due to the material’s mechanical properties, reduces opening shock by offering higher elasticity.

Light Universal Bridle:: Code 42025 – made from this new material, will be offered alongside our existing Universal Bridle. The smart design of the Universal Bridles allows for connecting the reserve parachute to the harness without any metal links, further reducing weight and improving safety and strength.

For the Mayday parachutes, the new webbing is used for the end connection and incorporates Teflon coating at the friction point to eliminate any chance of burn out of the webbing during reserve deployment.

Deployment bag has been redesigned and now-now includes a repack table for the pilot’s reference.