PPG Cross Country Endorsement

PPG Cross Country Endorsement


Expand your flying options by having your Powered Paragliding (Paramotoring) Cross Country Endorsement. This course will give you in-depth knowledge and skill to confidently assess weather conditions, flight planning and navigating, airspace, fuel management, cross wind landing and more.

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Paramotor XC Endorsement | Powered Paragliding Cross Country Endorsement

To achieve the endorsement you must successfully achieved, demonstrate or understand:

  • Flight preparation including fuel management and weather assessment
  • A thorough understanding of airspace regulations and flight planning
  • A thorough understanding of VHF broadcast requirements
  • Pre-flight & safety checks: Paramotor, Paraglider, Wheelbase, Lines, Speed System, Trimmers, Hand Throttle,
  • Pre-flight Communications Equip check, and any other equipment required
  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of rigging a speed system or trim tabs and the knowledge and ability to safely utilize them.
  • Ability to operate with other aircraft including airstrip protocol
  • Competent launch and landing in: a: Nil wind b: Moderate winds
  • Competent Cross-wind & Down-wind Landing skills
  • Five (5) landings within a 20 meter radius, using an appropriate downwind, base leg and final approach to an area nominated, in less than 5Kn and greater than 5Kn wind strengths.
  • Two cross country flight with a minimum of 25 km from take off, one with outlanding and re-launch.
  • Has gained a minimum 20 hours of flying experience over a minimum of 25 flying days, since attaining a Powered Paragliding Certificate.

Pre-requisites for this Endorsement include:

  • Motorised Endorsement or Powered Paragliding Certificate (Foot or Wheel)
  • HGFA Radio Operator’s Endorsement
  • VHF Radio
  • >20 hours flight time over a minimum of 25 days since completing Foot or Wheeled PPG Pilot Certificate**

**Have flown for not less than 20 hours over 25 days, including 10 hrs under the guidance of a PPG SO/SSO or instructor

Gear hire available – let me know what you need

$350 per day your gear or $450 per day mine

This course is taught by CFI Dave Wainwright and meets the requirements set out in the HGFA Powered Paragliding Cross Country & Formation Flying Endorsement training syllabus.


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