NIVIUK Jacket Now in Black

Just as we reach the hottest month of the year NIVIUK releases the Infamous Down Jacket in Black. The Iconic Bright Green Jacket as been a winter staple here at High Adventure. A colour not everyone can stomach! So thankfully NIVIUK has brought it out in black. NIVIUK is calling the Black release a novelty for 2016 only! Those Spaniards don’t they know were all a fairly conservative bunch in Aus!

The Down Jacket is an ultralight outer garment with a 100% ripstop nylon windproof outer shell and a 90% Down fill insulation for superior warmth in a lighter weight (460g for the size M).

The 2016 release of the women’s jacket had a hood added to it and was refined with a more stylized look.

The Down Jacket comes with a small folding bag for easy transport and fit inside any rucksack or harness.

Four available sizes for the men model (S, M, L, XL) and two women sizes (S, M). Available on Green and Black.

Nirvana Releases Rainbow Prop

Nirvana has released its New Generation of carbon three blade propeller. The result of three years of design and testing the New Rainbow 10N3 130 Prop was developed and tested hand in hand with the best world slaloom PPG pilots. The new design uses modern technology in the processing of the carbon composites and thanks to its unique composition, it now sits along side the lightest propellers on the market.

With a total weight of 870g, it is 30% lighter propeller thanks its aeroelastic predecessor. It gives better opportunity to exploit the potential of the engine. Its acceleration is excellent and it was constructed for modern PPG gliders with the speed of about 60 km/h. Named the Blue Line Rainbow Propeller 10N3 130 it is suitable for the Nirvana Instinct NS200 and NS230. Diameter : 1280 mm; Pitch curve: 550mm; Weight : 870g.

Want some feed back? – Rob Bexon is the first in Australia to be using it.

The Rainbow Prop will set you back $920 + Shipping Within Australia

NEW Niviuk Link Colours

We are pleased to introduce you the new colour schemes for our Link paramotor glider: Sapphire, Monarca and Kaki.

The Link is the perfect glider to experience with during the first motorized flights, but will also please more experienced pilots looking to cover long distance adventures.

The Link becomes an ally to your engine. Due to its easy going but really efficient profile design, inflations, takeoffs and landings become an effortless routine. Mostly due to those technical innovations, the engine does not require much power to create lifting thrust. The fuel economy increases as a result, greater flight efficiency is reached with less strain on the motor.